Our Advantage

Best Quality—
The raw mateiral of carbon balck is Coal tar which is a by-product of coal coking process containing tens of thousands of organic substances, from which naphthalene, phenol, asphalt, carbon black and other coal chemical products can be extracted. The quality of coal tar directly affects the quality of carbon black. We have signed long-term procurement contracts with tens of enterprises in Shanxi, which is the largest coal tar producing area in China. We strictly control the technical indicators of raw materials, and reduce product costs with a large procurement volume.
Processing line—
We have two production lines covering the main categories of pigment carbon black and rubber carbon black. The two production lines are located in Shanxi, where raw materials are produced, and Shandong, where labor is concentrated.
Clean Packing—
We use valve pocket packaging, which is convenient for clean appearance and transportation wrapping with film. In addition, there are bulk (tons/half tons) packages and nylon bags to meet the different requirements of customers.
With more than 20 years of experience, in the manufacture of Carbon Back. The main product is currently a range of Carbon Black products covering rubber & plastic industries.

It's not just the variety of colors that makes carbon black special. Its versatile properties can be customized to improve the performance of its applications in products, such as tires, polymer-based products or even in state-of-the-art lithium batteries for electric vehicles.

This passion for carbon black is reflected in what we do every day through the development of new products and solutions for our customers and by ensuring the quality of the products we manufacture and in constantly minimizing our ecological footprint, be it in the use of energy and water or in waste disposal.

Our Clients

For over the past decade, Restep has been efficiently catering to the needs of the Rubber & Plastic Industry in China & other Countries.

United States, Mexico,The United Kingdom, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt,South Africa, Nigeria,Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil and Argentina.

We are willing to work with any other country in the world of customers to establish mutually beneficial business relations.